Burma: The Yado Hymn / by Cyrus Moussavi

We recorded this track in the remote mountains between Taungoo and Loikow. A 9 hour motorcycle ride turned into 4 days on hellish roads. The ghosts of Italian missionaries from the 1800s saved us.  It's illegal to stay with civilians in Burma, so we turned to the churches these fervent Italian Catholics built along the mountain range.  The Italians are long gone, chased out by the military government, but Burmese priests keep the faith alive. They were shocked to see bedraggled foreigners on their stoops, but took us in and fed us out of Christian duty.  

The churches have schools and dormitories attached.  Kids from the surrounding villages live, study, and work there.  At night, they pray with eyes clenched, shouting Latin hymns into the mountains of Burma. It's haunting and beautiful.  This is an example from Yado.