Sometimes I wanna dance / by Cyrus Moussavi

Here’s the finished video for Sometimes I Wanna Dance, a single from Lonnie Holley’s new album MITH, coming out on Jagjaguwar on Sept 21.

It’s a harrowing record — takes you all the way down through the muck of American history and then out to space where you peer into a satellite reflecting bright shiny and fiery visions of the future, and at the very end Lonnie brings you back to the Atlanta street corner where he lives and works. There we built a juke joint from scratch, invited a host of people we met while filming in and around the city over the course of the preceding two weeks, put together a blues band led by none other than Atlanta keyboard legend Eddie Tigner, served up some food and asked people to dance out to Lonnie’s take on 80s keyboard soul.

We were graced by the presence of Edeliegba Senior Dance Ensemble, as well as some incredible young Atlanta musicians and artists including Nesha Nycee (say it twice) and filmmaker Colbie Fray, who helped shoot and also appears in the final video. Mid-shoot, Lonnie paused to break it down for the gathered crowd — a 20 minute improvised sermon about rising waters and the need for uncompromised black creative voices. DIG IT.

Sometimes I Wanna Dance by Lonnie Holley

Director/Edit: Cyrus Moussavi

Producer: Matt Arnett, Brittany Nugent

Camera: Charles Autumn Miller, Cyrus Moussavi, Colbie Fray

Color: John Peterson, Moonshine Post

Extra Special Thanks:

Edeliegba Senior Dance Ensemble

Mr. Eddie Tigner and band

Thank you: Ceera Sade, Riniece (Ree Cee B) Bradford, DJ CoCo, Keenon Rush, Matthew Harris, John Dierre, Tiffany LaTrice, Arthur Ford, Barbara Price, Ms. Ebony, Diana Stevens, Theresa Howard, Nesha Nycee, @Huggntreez, Chad Crowley, Sandi Kloosterman, School of Humans ATL, Home Grown Atlanta