Portland and Seattle Screenings / by Cyrus Moussavi


Summer came and went and I was too geographically displaced to notice.  I spent April in Berlin, May in Athens, June in Tbilisi and Turkey, July in Atlanta, and have finally arrived in Chicago. Along the way, we made a short film with the great Lonnie Holley, my favorite living artist and a true visionary. More from that shoot to come. I'm still recovering from our three week shoot in the American south.

Next week it's off to the Northwest for two screenings of Oulaya's Wedding. I'll be there with Hisham from Sublime Frequencies for a conversation after each show:

Sept 4, Portland Oregon, 7:30PM at Clinton Street Theater

Sept 5, Seattle Washington, 8PM at NW Film Forum

Please spread the word and say hello if you make it out!