Shem Tube's Personal Record Collection / by Cyrus Moussavi

I'm so proud to release this record! The first in a series of gorgeous acoustic guitar albums from Western Kenya.  

This batch is from the personal collection of the legendary Shem Tube.  He gave me a pile of records wrapped in newspaper and plastic that he'd saved from the 1960s and 70s when I went to visit him in Bunyore, Western Kenya, this summer.  We digitized and cleaned up the records, and now they're being released outside of Kenya for the first time.  Check the PDF liner notes that come with the release for the full story.  

All proceeds from this record go to the surviving members of Abana ba Nasery, Shem's band and the creative force behind these lovely songs.  A co-release with Olvido Records.  A very special thanks to Mike Graves for volunteering his time to make these old records sound so good.  He's worked on many albums I love, so to have him contributing here is an honor. 

LISTEN HERE and read the liner notes (with photos) HERE.