Film Premiere / by Cyrus Moussavi

Thrilled to premiere our short film "Nothing Bigger Than Love" at the Cambodia Town Film Festival tonight in Long Beach, CA.  

It's from our recent trip to Cambodia. We spent time with Oro, a young human rights lawyer who, with his partner Maya, is building an archive of Cambodian music lost during the Khmer Rouge.  It was the "Golden Age" of rock when the genocide began, and collectors buried their records and LPs underground to protect them.  Oro has been traveling around gathering up these rare records, fighting for royalty rights for the artists and their families, and providing free links on YouTube.

We're especially proud to show this film in Long Beach, home of the largest Cambodian population in the US. 

If you're in the area tonight check it out -- 6p at the Art Theater, with a rare Cambodian rock DJ set by Oro himself.