35mm Film / by Cyrus Moussavi

I brought a shitload of 35mm film to Kenya, but only shot one roll. It seemed utterly illogical to struggle with lighting and focus and speed when I was walking around with modern cameras that could do it all instantly. But now that I'm back in the states and developing some images, I wish I did more. It looks different, right? A little warmer, a little more depth. The guy in the shot above is a butcher at Kenyatta Market, right across from James' vinyl stall.  He grilled up a killer plate of goat, salt, and peppers. When I get back I'll bring him a copy. I wonder what he'll think.  

Below is the legendary Peter Akwabi.  He told me more than anyone else about omutibo music and the history of the artists I was curious about. He was there from the beginning. But unlike most of the other musicians, he also has an academic side, and eventually taught at Kenyatta University. He told me not only the years, but the dates and recording times, for some of the great tracks of the omutibo genre.  What a guy. An honor to spend time with him.