Disposable Camera in the Sahara / by Cyrus Moussavi

The night before we traveled to Western Sahara for our film shoot with the legendary Group Doueh, I drank a frightening amount of wine on a Paris park bench with my dear friend Allan K. and anyone else who stopped to talk.  At some point I lost the tiny Rollei 35s camera that had been serving me so well throughout the summer. I also lost my way and wandered sweating in the blinding morning sunlight, bumping into waiters putting out cafe tables, looking for my friend's apartment.  I barely made the flight, but I had enough time to buy a disposable camera at a gift store by the departure gate.  A sad replacement.

We filmed like mad, and the first Raw Music feature documentary will be coming to a film festival near you (if they take us and you live near a doc-loving metropolis).  In the meantime, Roads & Kingdoms published some of the disposable camera photos from that roll.  I love the casual feel of these cameras. No one feels threatened. You don't have to think. You shoot and forget.  Above are a few outtakes.  See them all here: http://roadsandkingdoms.com/2016/sounds-of-the-sahara/