On the road / by Cyrus Moussavi

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"You look worried," Jacob said to me. 

Because I'm worried. We're leaving Ulaanbaatar for the countryside.  We're taking a bus, because that's how most people travel in Mongolia these days. I asked how long it takes and the driver with the popped collar said "two, maybe three days." He seemed cool about it.  That sounds like a long time on a bus.  

But I'm not worried about that.  Buses are fine.  Plus, we're going to the far west for Kazakh music and throat singing, which should be good.  Timing is the issue.  When we return, we'll have 4 days left in Ulaanbaatar to tell the city story. There's a lot happening here but the city is snarled and somewhat sinister, or at least not into cameras.  We haven't had much luck after a week in town.  I guess we'll figure that out.  There will be plenty of time to think about it over the next two, maybe three, days.

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A photo posted by @cyrusvj on