last day / by Cyrus Moussavi

A photo posted by @cyrusvj on

A photo posted by @cyrusvj on

This is it.  Last day in Trinidad.  We're running around but I think we'll get everything done.  Heading to Barataria to meet up with Make It Hapn for more mind-expansion both political and plant based. The man has a presence, and although things seem to turn somewhat ominous every time we meet, I keep going back to learn more.  

Later it's a meeting with Bang Em Smurf of G-Unit fame.  Deported back to Trinidad, he's making a living in about 10 different sidelines.  We're meeting at a lookout over town at sunset. 

And finally, a video shoot with Jimmy October, one of the most exciting artists we've met.  The focus will be language -- he raps with an American accent and does spoken word with a Trini accent.  Each has its own rhyming patterns and its own form of expression. What each accent allows him to express is what we're trying to learn. 

Usually I'm so exhausted by the end of a Raw Music shoot that I'm ready to leave the country and not look back. But last night at a rooftop party, surrounded by friends, DG on the camera, jump up soca music blaring, wind blowing, I decided I'll have to return soon. So many more stories to hear.