Raw Music x D Gainz / by Cyrus Moussavi

Hectic times in Trinidad.  Just a week left in the country and I'm still not sure of the story. Something about diversity, something about this island paradise feeling like a prison, something about soca, calypso, rapso and trapso. Home studios and rum-stained clubs and shrines in the hills. Couches and floors and sometimes even my own apartment across the street from Irie Bites (tageline: "we don't joke, we jerk").

The weed doesn't help. But D Gainz will. I'm proud to say that one of my favorite video directors will join me for the last week of our shoot in Trinidad.  D has shot some of Chicago's most iconic rap videos, and he creates his own music and beats as well.  He's inaugurating his passport with a trip to Trinidad, and filming a scene that is both foundational to our own rap world and also heavily influenced by it.  I'm lining up a weekend packed with plans that will inevitably fall through (it's the Trini way).  But something always comes up, and we're going out in style.