"Ya Not Moving Ya Waist By Chance" / by Cyrus Moussavi

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"This fete is my home"

Trinidad has a huge history of politically conscious music.  But modern soca music is all about the party -- the fete -- and it's the only thing you hear during Carnival.  I ran into soca great Farmer Nappy backstage at a calypso tent last night, and he screamed the chorus to his 2015 smash "My House" into the camera. It's a strangely beautiful ode to partying.  

Farmer also gave his booking info, in case you need the man at your own fete: farmer.bookings@gmail.com.  "BookingS! Make sure and put the 's'" he said before screaming and walking away.  A glorious moment.  

Here's the original.  If you're in Trinidad you heard it about 4,000 times coming off the sound trucks during Carnival, but if you're outside it'll warm your heart: