Never Ever Worry / by Cyrus Moussavi

A gallery of Instagram photos from Port of Spain, Trinidad. Been rolling around, feeling out the music scene, taking in the colors and slow-motion madness of the place. It's hectic and slow at once, friendly and suspicious. Everyone seems on guard through practice but welcoming by nature. And music everywhere. How to string it all into a coherent story is the tough part...

For the time being, I'm basking in all these sounds. Every artist I meet seems ready to give me a breakdown of the history and evolution of music on the island. Each version a bit different. The Kalinda stick fighting songs, turning into Calypso rhythms, sped and sexed up into Soca, the dominant form today.  On the edges, the extempo lyrical tradition of the island morphed into Rapso, a precursor to modern rap, and a genre I'm really interested in.  One of the best to ever do it is Brother Resistance, a political and social force and a member of the Trinidad black power movement in the 70s.  

In the 90s , Resistance teamed up with one of the calypso greats, Lord Pretender, to remake the classic  calypso "Never Ever Worry."  The video is one of my favorites. Especially when the aged but glorious Pretender takes the mic.  Plus, between them, the Lord Pretender and Brother Resistance have some of the greatest names in music.  Trinis are pros at nicknames. Everyone has a few... Enjoy this jam. Hoping to interview Brother Resistance before leaving Trinidad.