Slo-mo video portraits from Ukraine. / by Cyrus

Slo-mo video portraits from #Ukraine. Editing Raw Music footage and just ran across this chap, Boris, who was not happy about Putin. #Odessa #portrait #travel. After days of drinking Georgian brandy, chain smoking and wondering where we went wrong with our lives, Jacob and I were desperate to get some shots.  So we hit the street with our man Sergey and started asking if we could take super slo-mo portraits of Odessa's various characters.  People were usually suspicious of the camera but, to our surprise, almost no one turned us down that day. This man, Boris, does not really like Putin. He does like booze, though, and dominos. He was chilling with a whole crew of grizzled old Ukrainians at a park in downtown Odessa, talking woozy politics and fighting over whose turn was next.