Yr mind on the money but where is yr heart / by Cyrus

Hey fam,

Quick update-- Raw Music homie Eli "Campus Boy" Sketch (@SketchUFO) has just released a fire new album called "Class in Session."

Listen here:


If you dig, please pick it up and support Kenyan hip-hop.

You can hear the changes and leaps Kenyan hip hop is making with each new album, and Eli Sketch is at the forefront. His lyrics are increasingly clever and honest--elements that happen to be making a comeback in American hip-hop with the rise of a new school of unabashedly idiosyncratic weirdos.

Eli grew up in Kenya with his mind on the US and his heart who the hell knows where. It's an amazing mixture. Listen yourself.

can I get to speak my truth? All my life I been idolizing American youth they the role models I got from the airwaves and the tube have them and their girls on every wall of my room --Eli Sketch (from Blow Me Away)

Eli Sketch was on the mic at our absolutely ridiculous Raw Music International Block Party in the impoverished Obunga Estate, Kisumu, Kenya:

Raw Music still lives, and I'm looking for ways to finance another journey in the near future. For the time being, I'm working with a news company called NowThis News, making videos and hopefully laying the groundwork for some beautiful musical content. Check that out here: www.nowthisnews.com

As a bonus treat, check out Eli Sketch at the tail end of this video about Urban Music Studios: