Ras Expiry RIP / by Cyrus

It's been quiet here at Raw Music. I spent the summer away from the world of underground sounds, working instead as an assistant on the new Dakota Fanning movie (somehow this is true). But I return with sad news--Kisumu's legendary DJ Expiry has passed on to the herb grove in the sky.

Reports from Kenya are fuzzy but I just wanted to post here about the great rasta. He was one of the most amazing people we met on a trip full of them. No one knew more about Kisumu reggae than the man who was there from the beginning, and no one seemed to enjoy listening to it more. His CD wallet should be preserved as a historical document. We spent time at his home, kicked it with his nieces, smoked his herb and listened to his jams. He introduced me to Don Carlos and Mutabaruka the way he introduced thousands of young Kenyans to reggae throughout the country--through a seamless, herb-addled DJ set at top volume. The man and his locks will be missed. Bless.