Raw Music on DKultur's Breitband Show / by Cyrus

I'm sad to say I speak no German, so the only words I can pick out from this radio broadcast are "reggae" "new jersey" and "italian dub community," but that's good enough. All I know is they're playing Raw Music's Kisumu jams on the badass German radio show Breitband: Listen Here

It's wonderful and somewhat surreal to hear The Anchoras' perma-high anthems, recorded live under a tree in Kisumu, broadcast live over the air in Berlin. The show playing the songs, Breitband ("Broadband"), is all about these intersections of culture space and time that are made possible by the Internet and digital recording, and it's definitely worth checking out. You can hear more of their show at http://breitband.dradio.de/ or check out their page of free downloads at the excellent Free Music Archive. Thanks to Martin and our brothers & sisters in strange sound over in Berlin!