Oil in Turkana... / by Cyrus

So they (a British firm) found oil in Kenya. And not just any part of Kenya--in one of the country's most desolate, dry and war-torn regions.

Turkana is where Peter Logono, one of the most popular artists from the Raw Music International compilation, comes from. He left for the relative calm of the Nyanza area of Kenya, and (barely) earned a living playing his homemade Adungu in a homebrew club along the main highway to Uganda. For those who haven't, check Peter's story here:

I have no idea what this oil find will do for people like Peter and his family, but the general sense of pessimism from my friends in Kenya and you know, the entire course of modern history, doesn't leave much room for high hopes.

And that is my "curmudgeonly and half-baked blog post on global affairs far more complex than the scope of my limited understanding" for the week. Thank the Internet.