K.O. by Eli Sketch / by Cyrus

Quick update, just gotta share this grievously dope track by our boy Eli Sketch. It's been on repeat the last few weeks and he just sent me an English trans of the lyrics. He's been winning rap battles around Kenya for a few years with his complex flow and over the top lyrics, and performs with Ojiji as UFO (hear their massive political slow jam "Mama Africa" here).

Hear K.O., watch a vid of the man performing, and check the lyrics after the jump... For more Eli Sketch check out his ReverbNation page


Check Sketch performing at the Raw Music Block Party:

beat by tony lyrics:

she has been my sweet heart ever since i was 14

whatever was coming could not b foreseen

her name is mya but u could add "add"

coz wen u c ha yu will admire that gal

she been here since b4 i was an artist (mwana sanaa)

her moms is fron yemen.. a daughter of sanaa (yemen capital city)

her mom is from yemen.. a daughter of sanaa (yemen capital city)

a disciplined gal, fly religion is islam

she used to cry telling me convert to islam

i wuld wipe her tears like pleaz stop crying ma

her eyes alone would leave me paralyzed

if i miss out on heaven, being with her was paradise

that's what i'd say to her n she would kinda smile

her pops almost murdered me when i visited her one time

thez times i would act up, me n anotha girlz get down

wen i apologized she said it waznt a let down

yet i could see the pain in her eyes that are beautiful n brown


it sounds like i caught a k.o

but if the girl is good enough it's okay though


verse two now..

time and space came between us

recording n rocking shows became how i get cash

to support me my mum n my fam

all this tym i was holding the pain in sad

knowing the girl i love cannot be accessed like a person without a phone but with a sim card

i switched girls none ever matched up

outa bad or good luck

i got me a baby gal n her mum done ducked

good luck coz i aint need drugs ever since i held mine

the world is a cycle what goz around comes around

the world is a psycho at times its effed up

leaving one club after doing my poetry magic

i see mya outsyd drinkin water coz she thirsty

felt like i was bewitched, should i be spirit out casting?

chorus again

after i got my ish together coz i had kinda lost grip

she told me that it had felt like an eternity

i looked up in the sky coz Allah gives me favor

she dint even hug me ever

it was a friday eve she had her islamic dress on

we went back in time like a watch with its battery gone

talking bout me n her sis haring a birthday

the mood switched wen we spoke of coming days

4 me its all hustling till i got mils

so that the things i been thru my daughter will never c

she was about to go study med in sudan

n arabic too coz she deep with the quran

my hopes of being with her went down

the charm on her face turned into a frown

wen i got home n held my princess

i had no doubt i had 2 confess

everyone in the world, has got their place

so mya will find a prince coz she a princess

...its wen i got home n held my angel n looked at her face

i had no doubt but to confess... the rest is okay