Raw Music Mixtape - 17 Kenyan Jams For You and Yours / by Cyrus

It is with great pain (carpal tunnel and otherwise) that I report that Raw Music International has joined yet another social media networking site (why?? who comes up with this shit!? how many passwords can a person have?). On the upside, this means the entire "Raw Music International: Kisumu" mixtape (17 exclusive tracks plus PDF liner notes) is now available for download here:


As a special offer to the loyal readers of this blog, the album is available for free (or whatever you'd like to pay) for the first week of its online existence. After this period, it will cost $3, so get it now and invest those savings in a 40 (the gift that keeps giving).

The 17 tracks span three generations of underground music in and around Kisumu--from a recording session at the guitar legend Olima Anditi's home to blunted tracks of the reggae set to certified bangers from LaFam, Nebulazz, Eli Sketch and more of Kisumu's young and promising rappers. These tracks offer a unique glimpse into one of East Africa's most musical cities, and many of them can only be heard here. All artists on the album appear on the pilot episode of Raw Music International, and you can learn more about each one/watch video clips over at the download page (link above). Track listing after the jump...

A compilation of underground music from Kisumu, Kenya, recorded for Raw Music International. The tracks run from traditional music to reggae to rap, focusing on new, innovative or overlooked music. For more info check out www.rawmusicinternational.com

1. Olima Anditi - Apoli 04:33

2. Lyn Jay - Ni Kubaya 04:09

3. Anchoras - Jah Love 02:50

4. Eli Sketch - Reach for tha Top 03:43

5. Orono - Live at Nyawara pt. 1 02:39

6. LaFam - RMI Theme 01:07

7. Dozze - Freestyle 01:14

8. The Conscious Youths - Don't Wanna Lie 04:43

9. Nebulazz, Double B, Kenrazy, Jah Mess - Q Kwa Bank 04:49

10. Soul Afriq - Live at Yawa 01:32

11. Olima Anditi - Live at Home 02:45

12. LaFam, Alphabet and Soul Afriq - Sire 04:20

13. Peter Logono - Ero Akol 08:09

14. The Conscious Youths - Conserve de Trees 04:05

15. UFO (Eli Sketch and Ujiji Ojiji) - Mama Africa 05:26

16. Orono & LaFam - Nyawara Freestyle 02:36

17. Olima Anditi - Mourning Song 03:28