Lyn Jay Speaks -- Women in Kisumu Rap / by Cyrus

Lyn Jay, one of the hardest rappers we met in Kisumu regardless of gender, tells a bit about life as a female rapper in this short clip from the Raw Music pilot episode. As Lyn Jay told me, there are a lot of girls who sing on tracks, but very few of them actually write and record rhymed verses, especially solo. Click below to hear her stark H.I.V. warning song, "Ni Kubaya" (It's Dangerous), produced by our man LaFam. It's one of my favorite songs from Kisumu all around. English translation (by Ozzy) after the jump...

Lyn Jay - Ni Kubaya (Kenyan Female Rap Jam) by RawMusicInternational

Ni Kubaya, by Lyn Jay

Chorus: Talk to me Speak to me Open your heart Let’s walk together It’s dangerous Guard your life This can kill you

Sometimes being “cunny” (cunning) with life helps Instead of being notorious where you end up crying (???) Your life is left in shit but you’re still proud of it It’s dangerous Life is not the way people hype it up to be Because good things come and go He’s a great guy And he’ll flirt with you You step up He says “I come in peace” Enjoys you But know you’ll go in pieces You thought he was in And celebrated your win You fell in a pit Surprised? You've been caught today You think you’ve got him When you it’s you that’s been got

Ni kubaya (it’s dangerous) man


I’ve seen you from a distance Like “Vision 2030” (Kenya development plan) And this time if you don’t believe me Just know you’ve run out of luck (?????) These are not the times to give You f___ off Hope you’ve changed your gear And taken a stand Put a speed regulator on yourself Ladies make sure you’re “guarded” If you’re ever horny And those who want a little something Should get a middle finger You don’t get these things by mere luck Don’t mind them Some of them just love circus games It’s like getting infected from watching too much TV Or some idiot trying to soil your CV Ignore stupid flirty stories That say you got goodies And you should put them to work It's just for pissing and sometimes a little fun Ignore that guy Don’t let him confuse you


It’s dangerous Guard your life It can end abruptly Your friends remain as you fade away Day in day out More enemies than friends When I speak the truth It’s like an insult to others When I’m quiet They say I’m ignoring them Cheap politics is like the constitution debate (Kenya’s new constitution) When you walk around your hood you have to watch your back Because someone's always hunting Adjust your side mirrors One stretched out on each side Like Jesus Between Jesus and Peter You will not be seen (“And he passed between them and they did not see him”, Bible quote) ???? Life can overburden you Know it’s dangerous Sorry my queen