Dozze freestyles his troubles away / by Cyrus

It's been quiet here and I apologize! I've been editing the videos and reading up on ethnomusicology (what happened to my life??) Over in Kenya, food prices are soaring and all is not well. I spoke with Emma last night (battling another round of malaria) and she tells me everything from flour to matatu fare has increased between 50 and 150% since I was there a few months ago. Considering people were BARELY getting by before, I can only imagine what Kondele looks and feels like now.  Emma, sick and broke, hasn't been able to leave the neighborhood in weeks, and says she feels like she's in prison.

And I'm sure that frustration is showing up in the music. Ozzy and I hung out with Kisumu rapper Dozze at the end of December, 2010, and he kicked this amazing freestyle about the hard life in Kisumu's underground rap scene:

Ozzy sent me the translation last night so I thought I'd post it for you. You can also hear/download an audio version at our soundcloud:

More to come soon. For now, here is Ozzy doing his best Marv Albert impression outside Total Vibez Studios...