New RMI compilation for sale / by Cyrus

Good evening kind and decent people. Available for the first time we have the Raw Music International: Kisumu CD

On this compilation: 17 underground classics from Lake Victoria, yours for just $6 postage paid anywhere in the lower 48.

Exclusive tracks recorded and collected by the Raw Music team in Kisumu, Kenya--everything from the traditional sounds of Olima Anditi, Orono and Peter Logono to groundbreaking hip hop from UFO and LaFam to the sticky herbal essences of The Anchoras and their sweet reggae harmonies.

The CD includes explanations of each song and genre, and all proceeds keep Raw Music going into the sunset.

Just send me an email (cyrus AT rawmusicinternational DOT com) and we'll work it out.

Currently, I'm out in Los Angeles, staying at the home of a big producer in the Hollywood Hills (see pic) and shopping our fine little show to various people. From riding around the Paramount lot in a golf cart (and accidentally rolling onto the set of Glee) to mountain top concerts to Guatemalan church services to invitations from extra friendly old ladies to come over, smoke purple kush and "read [their] scripts", it's a big change from Kisumu...if I live I will let you know how it goes.