New Olima Anditi Songs for Download / by Cyrus

Getting close to finishing this presentation. Pretty excited. Last night I stayed up and cleaned up the sound on a few more of the tracks we recorded at the home of Olima Anditi, the blind Luo blues legend you people are probably sick of hearing me talk about. On this first one, Olima goes to town on some intricate finger picking patterns that seem uncharacteristic of his style. Olima Anditi- Live at Home Track 4 by RawMusicInternational

The second track, the seventh of 8 we recorded at his home on the morning of December 31, 2010, is a song for Kevin, the young guy who helps Olima with his daily tasks. The song is a crowd favorite at the busaa club, and I kind of like this version, with the out-of-tune string adding a new little funk. Olima Anditi - Live at Home Track 7 by RawMusicInternational

To my Luo speakers out there, PLEASE help me translate these jams. Ozzy is in Senegal for the time being, so I need your help, internet buddies.

People in Iowa seem confused when they hear me creepin in the late 90s Toyota Camry, bumping these tracks at top volume with the windows down. Back in Kisumu, Vic is working on studio versions he recorded of these tracks, and I expect they'll push the Camry's fragile system to new extremes. Can't wait.