Raw Music's Newest Family Member... / by Cyrus

It's been quiet on the Raw Music blog, but that doesn't mean things haven't been going down. Most importantly, Ozzy and Emma had a beautiful baby girl. Her name is Raya Mai-Lan Otieno, and she was born on February 26, 2011. So much love for this little bunny, even though I've never met her. That baby has heard more prenatal music than most thanks to all the concerts that Emma attended with us. Congrats to my brother Ozzy and the lovely Emma.

Vic, the producer at Urban Music, tells me he put on a show for Dishon Olima, the blind Luo blues legend we were so into on the trip. Olima was always playing to half-interested crowds at the busaa clubs, as we showed here. But Vic set up a real gig at a fancy spot in Milimani (Kisumu's wealthy neighborhood) where a different sort of crowd, one with some cash, would appreciate the sounds of zilizopendwa (Swahili for "music that was once loved"). He reports (via facebook):

"heeeey bro! the show went well people loved his music and even gave him money so that he could repeat his songs .

we are organizing another show for him and bryo (rasta) ,its an exibition that will go for three days from 22...

i have registered raw muzik kenya and now i am waiting to set up my own studio ."

You heard right good people, soon enough there will be a Raw Muzik rap studio in Kisumu. Brace yoselves!

Meanwhile, my man LaFam is in Nairobi working on a new mixtape. Expect big things.

Yawa, Ozzy's dance troupe, has been killing it at the Sakata competition you all so generously donated to help them attend (http://www.rawmusicinternational.com/blog1/?p=368). The group got 2nd place in the auditions, beating out several gangs of professional Nairobi brats in tracksuits. They've been winning every stage of the competition since then and have been featured on national TV several times. I hear people all over Kisumu are giving them big ups.

Ozzy himself has been awarded a big grant to attended a dance conference in Senegal, and he leaves for Dakkar in the next few days. He'll be scoping out the music scene there for future Raw Music episodes of course.

Zealous, Nebulazz and Nahna performed as part of a huge concert at the Kisumu Sports Grounds, a traveling show put on by Safaricom, one of Kenya's mobile providers.  Apparently there were hundreds of people, a mini riot, and a live band backing them. Here are a few photos I stole from their facebooks. Damn.

And me? I've been eating a lot of cereal, living a hermit-like existence, trying to edit all this footage without losing my mind, and for some reason reading a lot about imperialism in my spare time. I'm headed to LA soon for the big sell, and I feel like I gotta represent for the whole Kisumu music scene, as well as Raw Music's pissed off scrap metal benefactor.

I'll be posting a couple videos and thoughts in the next two days. Look out.