RMI Block Party-- Rastas vs. Small Children / by Cyrus

EDIT: Check the jump for Eli Sketch's lyrics to the song in the video... The video above, shot by Angela and Ozzy and edited by Angela, is from the RMI Block Party we tried to throw on Saturday. Rankin and I hired a soundsystem, a space, several security guys with bats, a bunch of cute balloons, and planned to have an epic party in the middle of one of Kisumu's most notorious estates (where the cops wouldn't bother us with noise complaints). Rankin suggested daytime for everyone's safety and convenience. I invited all the rappers and artists we'd met and planned the camera angles for a huge event. Unfortunately, we underestimated the power of daylight--according to my rapper friends the residents of the hood wouldn't come out and dance and drink in broad daylight where their friends could see them and spread gossip. So instead of a heavy rasta party, we basically created a daycare center. On one side of the space the rastas blasted roots jams, and on the other side a gang of several dozen small children slow grinded with abandon. It was either the coolest kids party or the strangest reggae party in recent history. You can't fake reality.

Up until about 5 minutes ago I thought this was our last day in Kisumu. Thankfully, there is someone in the crew who is not completely time and date challenged (Ozzy and I are a helpless combo), and Angela finally told me what she had suspected for a while--we don't leave til Friday. It's a relief, because today's schedule could have done us in. Ozzy and I, both reduced to pure zombie status from lack of sleep, were planning to shoot ALL of our intros and outros today. Then we had to film my opening scene with Olima and the skateboard videocamera dolly at the busa club, then we had to go to an Ohangla club, normally closed to cameras, that Rankin T has opened up to us, and finally we had to head back to the Basement club one last time to film ladies night. Plus I've promised half the rappers in Kisumu that we're going to drink cheap brandy til the sun comes up. Now, with an extra day, we can split up the filming and drinking into two neat packages and leave this fine country with both our sanity and dignity intact. RMI, limping into the sunset.

Thank you for your emails and for following along. Look forward to more videos, pictures, and commentary when I've had some sleep and no longer have a camera permanently strapped to my ass. RMI, limping into the sunrise.

I don’t feel the rappers They’re mushy like actresses Plus they get it all wrong Like an adultress If I’m not married to you we’re not jumping on the mattress The more I say that the more she undress P.O. I’m boxing rappers More than the address If you think you’re better than me Get over the madness If you’ve not seen me on my Google Then Google me on your net As I attract positivity like a magnet Still on the top of scales of hardness Skills very dope you can tell, you can’t test Roughly I’m a rapper, I’m not in a contest Flow so conc (“concentrated”) so I got the conquest No federal money but my boys get fed And rappers suck like they're being breastfed They don’t wanna be enemies They wanna-be best friends That’s wisdom if you hope to play the best games When the producer switches poses like in the X-Games Flow is elastic like a rubber band So if I perform live I will rob a band And when I enter the studio you can sense the cold...

We’re reaching for the top Me and my crew We’re reaching for the top

We walk that talk Me and my crew We walk that talk

We rock nonstop Me and my crew We rock nonstop We’re reaching for the top Me and my crew We’re reaching for the top

When they define hate and beef Me I love with psych (psyched up love) To penetrate as if stabbing a dyke But I still drive the sisters crazy After (car sound) I “hasta la vista” baby You can’t fool you know that the streets is wise My skill is more dreadful than Richie Spice’s head Every Sunday it’s porridge and beans Life is more pathetic than Nigerian movies Shorties have made life so boring I wanna chick with lips like Angelina Jolie ???? They’re exposed to the public like Kaz’s breasts (Kenyan music star with leaked sex tape) Damn It doesn’t mean my style is not unique When you duplicate names like P-Unit (Kenyan hip hop crew who clearly took their name from G-Unit) I take over rap with a tight sick force As I shine like the lips of a chick with lip gloss