Nyatiti Freestyles, Elderly Grinding, and More Busa in the Countryside / by Cyrus

Currently recovering from one of Raw Music's more hectic days, enjoying strange beef and a bottle of beer, kicking it with LaFam and Angela and going over today's footage.

9:15 am found the three of us sweating in a matatu, waiting to get to Maseno so we could meet with Joseph and Naman and film an 80 year old nyatiti legend at a busa club in the middle of a village. We did that, among other things, including dancing/avoiding overtly sexual grinding with an elderly woman (me), managing multiple cameras and a demanding director (angela), and running sound in an echoing room, freestyle rapping over a nyatiti beat, and falling waist deep into a sewage pit in a thunderstorm but managing to save the audio gear (lafam).

Joseph and Naman ran crowd control, keeping people happy with busa, while we tried our hand at running a full-on tv shoot in a room full of drunk and disorderly septugenarian subsistence farmers. Somehow, the footage looks amazing, even though we had our creative differences, and I'll have videos and more writing soon.