Mash Down Babylon (among other things) / by Cyrus

Coptic churches, rap beefs, animals in cupboards, motorbikes, broken guitars, reclusive Indian hip hop DJs, dead fish, dying cultures, living wills, and truly hectic times in Kisumu. They've been some of Raw Music's greatest days, and I haven't been able to get internet access to share them with you. But as Brio always says when I ask "what up"-- I'm alive I'm aliiiive, which is basically my standard for success these days.

Wednesday was the first day I've had without filming any music. It was a strange feeling, and I worked on putting together some clips from our recent adventures with Dishon Olima, which are posted above.

I moved to a new home and Angela arrived yesterday carrying a glorious bag full of granola and camera tools. Things are changing fast and I'll tell you all about it in excruciating detail when the rooster that inexplicably lives in the cupboard in the kitchen wakes me with a harrowing scream in roughly 4 hours. Party on.