Introducing: Hardcore Female Rappers and RMI's New Theme Song / by Cyrus

Raw Music International Theme (Produced by LaFam, Sample from Orono) by RawMusicInternational

I asked LaFam to create the theme song for the first Raw Music episode. The only requirement was that he use a sample from the field recordings we'd made of Orono, the 80 year old nyatiti player. The results are fiiiiiire, as you can hear in the above track. Close your eyes and imagine it with a quick montage of the heaviest moments from the past two months (falling off a roof, confrontations from rappers and grandmas alike, dance hall skanking, attacks by various farm animals etc...).

I spent the morning listening to the crazy reggae stash I've collected and laying out the final touches on the storyboard for the current Raw Music episode. Meanwhile, Angela attended to the rest of her life.

In the afternoon, we braved January's heat wave and rode to Kondele, where we met Rankin T to finalize the party plans. Everything seems to be falling into place, and I handed over the roughly $70 to cover the whole event (space, soundsystem, mixer, power, security, baseball bats for security, police grease and, at Rankin's heavy insistence, balloons). And so it looks like the party will really go through. It starts tomorrow afternoon, and I've invited almost every artist featured on this blog to perform a few songs. It'll be the first event of its kind, basically Kisumustock 2011, and it should be interesting to see what happens when rappers, reggae artists, and a bunch of people who fit somewhere between, meet in an enclosed pit in the middle of the ghetto to jam out for a random crowd of Saturday lurkers. Glad I invested in those bats.

Later, we met up with Lyn Jay, a hardcore female rapper I met a couple days ago. She's been in the game since 2005 but recently came back from time off after having a pair of twins. Sergent Blak, a generally unflappable and hardcore individual in his own right, listened to Lyn's songs with me but was hesitant to translate verbatim. "They're really heavy, they go straight to the point" he said. I'll have a track up for you (with English trans) soon enough.

The interview went well, and we talked about the unique issues facing females in this heavily male dominated field. Lyn looked like she could hold her own, in her doo rag and chainlink bracelet. But she faces everything from gender discrimination to feeding two small children to sexual advances from producers. To her, this music doesn't mean the same thing it does to the reckless male teenagers we sometimes talk to about "the grind."

Speaking of the grind, I'm leaving it for a camera free night on the town. Peace suckas!