Help Send Yawa to Nairobi! / by Cyrus

Dear Raw Music Fans, Ozzy and the gang have an amazing opportunity, but can't afford to take advantage of it. His Yawa dance group has been invited to compete for $12,000 at the prestigious Sakata dance competition in Nairobi. But they don't have the roughly $275 it costs to get 7 of them there and back and entered.

After all they've done for me and Raw Music, I thought we could try to help them out. Please use the link below to donate what you can. Even $5 dollars is a large amount of money here and will go a long way in helping these young people take advantage of this amazing opportunity. It'll be a huge and unforgettable show of support from the USA, and a very important experience for the young dancers involved. Let's get this $275 together!

Please be quick, they're taking the night bus to Nairobi THIS Thursday! Many thanks and much love, Cy