"What's in my cup stays in my cup" / by Cyrus

By day, they're hard working young women, by night they're glamorous party girls. They're Kisumu's club girls, and last night they took the Raw Music crew out for an exclusive look at the club life. And while Raw Music is no stranger to clubs and bars, the festering breeding grounds of most music, we were thoroughly outclassed by these young ladies.

The girls graciously invited us to one of their homes, where they were getting ready for the night. From there, things got serious. Doors were closed to our camera crew then magically opened after I made frantic 2 am phone calls to bewildered club owners. There were words exchanged, street fights narrowly avoided, outdoor toilets used, three-wheeled rickety taxis raced, cellphones hidden in bras for protection against pick pockets, quite a few bumps, several grinds, broken glass, forgotten conversations, choreographed dances, cologne, BO, french fries, weaves, strobe lights, and a high powered video camera. We couldn't get it all, but Angela's photos give you an idea. Good times, followed by one of our most emotionally intense days (at one point, someone even mistakenly told me that Emma had given birth). Time to sleep.