Saturday morning in Nairobi / by Cyrus

i arrived at 2:15 am this morning with a backpack full of camera gear and a generally unwashed appearance. i was worried about customs but the visa line was backed around the corner and the harried worker was just stamping people through with impunity--granted they paid the $25 cash visa fee. my friend john's friend joseph picked me up. he drove at horrifyingly reckless speeds while we listened to the fugees rap over a flipped tribe called quest beat and he talked about the growing presence of chinese workers, laboring 24/7 on highways across the congested city. this morning john told me joseph was driving so fast as a safety measure (that's how you do things at 2 am in nairobi, where upon the mention of "armed car jacking" people just shrug and say "the first time it happens is always the hardest").

i spoke with john for a bit and crashed on the couch. from the window i could hear the bass thump of a never ending party and a rooster crowing. i woke up to chris rock on the tv. hard to remember you're in kenya with all these western cultural touchstones, but i was qucikly snapped back by a cold shower, where i engaged in mortal combat with a mosquito i was sure was going to give me malaria. i won (i hope).

now we're downtown, it's around noon, we just ate plates of full english, i bought a part for the camera, and we're going to pick up the car from the shop so we can fill it with beer. it's about 85 degrees and it's hard to complain.