Saturday Morning in Kisumu / by Cyrus

I've received many calls for video and audio. I'm working on it good people! For now, check out some of Ozzy's dance videos on youtube. He does some truly amazing things. For more, search "Yawa Kenya" on youtube. They have quite a few videos.

Last night Ozzy and I stayed up late going through the music on my laptop.  Much of the classic hip hop was familiar, but of the new stuff, Madlib/Madvillain, Black Star, and the Brazilian great Milton Nascimiento were big hits.  With the lights out and Ozzy selecting the jams, I just bobbed along to some of my favorite songs.  Rapping along to Ol Dirty Bastard's "Got Ya Money" together.  Felt like kicking it in the dorms in New York.

One of Kisumu's most famous sons, the modern O'hangla legend Tony Nyadundo, just added me as a friend on Facebook. Only 2 weeks ago I was listening to his cassette with Barry and Rachel in Chitown. I guess word of the project is spreading.

We're going clubbing tonight, checking out the O'hangla scene Nyadundo is a part of-- a traditional music that, over the past few years, has turned into a popular dance genre with the addition of a constant bass beat and some keyboards. The Rasta crowd aren't too into the music (it's kind of the sappy pop music to their underground truth-telling) but they've agreed to come along.

here is a link to some tony nyadundo jams: