Dishon Olima, Mourning Song, Live at Home, Manyatta, Kisumu / by Cyrus

Dishon Olima-- Mourning Song, Live at Home in Kisumu Kenya by RawMusicInternational Here is one of the several beautiful tracks we recorded at Dishon Olima's home today. It's a mourning song for his grandfather. For the full story, check the entry below.

For now, it's New Year's Eve and the ghetto is going crazy. Chickens flapping around, people falling off bikes, broken glass and cooked animals, guys sharpening knives, women and weaves flying by on the back of motorcycles, booze and music. Ozzy says this is the last night to make some cash. If you can't make some money tonight, you're screwed, cause everyone is broke in January. So the matatus are going full boar, flying onto the dirt sidewalks to overtake each other, and everyone is ducking for cover and selling whatever they can. We bought some goat meat in the market as the sun set and the crazy Christian revivalists preached on a big stage with apocalyptic passion. Now we're at home, cooking, listening to reggae, chewing mirrah, the local stimulant plant, waiting for LaFam to come over and preparing ourselves for the new year. 2010 has been good. Wagwan.